Magic Milk Straws


For those of you who are not so fond of drinking plain milk, there may be a solution out there for you. I stumbled upon these very lovely Magic Milk Straws the other day and they sound irresistibly delicious! If you live with people who prefer the plain white stuff but you prefer something with a twist, you both can win. Buy regular milk and just add some flavour into yours using these milk straws.


In the latest Got Milk? campaign, they are trying to encourage more people to drink up. As many people know, milk is a great source of calcium that keeps our bones agile and healthy. However, I also know lots of people who really don’t like the taste of milk. So, the gluten and lactose free Magic Milk Straws were created in hopes to convert non-drinkers into drinkers of milk. Injecting bursts of strawberry, vanilla, cocoa and cookies and cream flavour into glasses of milk, each pack comes with 5 straws for your drinking pleasure.


When compared to other close alternatives to flavouring milk or drinking liquids, Magic Milk Straws seems to be the healthiest way to go. For now, I believe they are only available in the United States. Find them on Facebook and see what others are saying!

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