The Great Outdoors
With people looking towards healthier and more eco-friendly lifestyles, it's no surprise that there’s been an explicable reunion with nature. Revisiting more natural and earthy attitudes has quickly become a fixture in many design ethos and inspirations.
Sustainability The Great Outdoors 

Urban Insect Hotel


Earlier this year, a competition was held in Britain called Beyond the Hive. It was held by the City of London and an architecture company called British Land to see who could build an urban housing facility for bugs. The designs were supposed to provide habitats for either a certain species or a general few.

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Levis – Carrying on Tradition


For as long as I’ve been acquainted with the brand, the Levi’s trademark has been synonymous with craftsmanship, durability and of course timeless fashion. The company is built on so much more than just the iconic 501 blue jeans that find its place in just about everyone’s closet. When established in 1873, its purpose was to create denim pants with superior detailing, such as copper rivets to reinforce points of strains and to endure the toughest wear and tear of everyday work. With such a rich history, the company has really put a lot of emphasis on heritage. With fall just around the corner, Levi’s is yet again reiterating their commitment to tradition with a collaborative project with another established clothing company catering to the great American outdoors, and a musical project with some of the most recognizable musicians today.

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Parking Your Bike in Japan

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The current focus on urban mobility and public pressures for more environmentally friendly means of transport has unsurprisingly led to the resurgence of cycling. Especially in more densely populated urban areas, it seems almost impossible to travel from point A to point B without encountering some sort of traffic jam or suffocate in a sea of on the go individuals. Sensibly, cycling has allowed urbanites to get to where they need to in a cost and eco-efficient manner. But of course, if you yourself are a cyclist, there’s always the constant worry of parking your bike with the chance that it will get stolen or vandalized. So when I came across this video, I thought it was such an innovative and brilliant way that the Japanese have invented to keep their bikes safe.

Sustainability The Great Outdoors 

Visionary: Geoff McCabe of Anamaya Resort


With the movie Eat, Pray, Love about to be released around the world, those interested in culinary, spiritual and relaxation journeys will be reminded of how to savour life’s simple pleasures and travel the world while doing it. How appropriate that we were able to speak personally with Geoff McCabe recently, who is CEO/Co-owner of Anamaya Resort (which we wrote about not long ago) in Costa Rica, the world’s first ‘carbon-neutral’ country.

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The Body, Mind and Spirit Resort


When Geoff McCabe first drove into Montezuma, Costa Rica, he knew without a doubt that this was the place he was meant to be in. As fate would have it, the construction of his personal residence eventually turned into a full resort and yoga retreat center which has gained much attention since it’s opening. In a land where becoming the world’s first carbon neutral country is a national priority, Geoff has made it his mission to bring this priority to the international forefront with his vision for the Anamaya Resort.

The Great Outdoors 

All Natural Swedeners


It’s been a while since we’ve professed our love for all things Scandinavian (see here and here) but to sum it, it’s the very essence of the culture that sparks our interest for this love. Whether it is the designs, music or lifestyle that comes from the region, we see a perfect mix of attention to detail, the hunt for perfection and ingenious improvements through innovative thinking. And that’s precisely what has drawn our attention to Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold when we first got wind of it.

Sustainability The Great Outdoors 

Japanese Pedal-Powered Roller Coaster


Now that the summer has kicked in for most of us, we’ve probably got a few items to check off on our to-do lists. And what summer is complete without a visit to the local carnival or amusement park? With all those concession stands, bright lights and thrilling rides? Thinking about it now, don’t you think that those places use up a lot of energy? To power a roller coaster itself must take a house and a half but you have to remember that it runs approximately 500 times a day. With the world trying to conserve energy, Japan has created one of the first-ever human powered roller coasters.

Sustainability The Great Outdoors 

Solar City Tower Proposal


With every passing Olympic Games, the event has always been an opportunity for the hosting country to showcase some great architecture and design. The upcoming 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro won’t be any different as RAFAA; a Swiss architecture studio based in Zurich, has proposed the Solar City Tower which will be a self-sustaining tower utilizing the abundant sunshine in Rio, to provide the city with sufficient energy during the games. The hope is that with this structure, the first zero-carbon games in history will be possible!